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Welcome to the Future of Mortgage Brokering

Meet Andre - Your AI Mortgage Broker

Say hello to Andre, your new chat-based AI mortgage broker in the complex world of commercial real estate financing. Just like a top mortgage broker, Andre starts by giving you the market rates, bank intel, and putting together initial lender lists for your deal, but he doesn’t stop there.

What Can Andre Do?

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Rate Revelations

Get a sneak peek at the 5, 7, and 10 year rates for the most popular property types, plus insights into crucial indexes like the 10 year T-bill.

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Lender List Launcher

Based on your unique deal criteria, Andre sorts through our extensive database of over 3,000 active lenders to suggest your initial potential matches.

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Banks Lending Profiles

Curious about a bank’s recent activities? Andre delivers up-to-the-minute intel from our experts’ direct experiences, including deal feedback and public data on local loans.

Curious about what banks are currently seeking? Andre delivers up-to-the-minute intel from our conversations with lenders. Discover what banks want now so you can find the best match for your next deal.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

What are the 5-year rates for an office building?

What’s the latest on Bank X?

Can you please prepare me an initial list of suitable agency or portfolio lenders for my $9mm multifamily deal in Florida

We`re All Ears

Andre’s intelligence grows with every interaction, drawing from diverse data streams like public records, lender claims, and real-life feedback from professionals like you. Remember, while Andre is learning, we’re carefully curating the info—so if something seems off, let Andre know!

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